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This is the new icon community of gloominess. Her old icon community was tearoseicons, but that name began to really irritate her and she couldn't afford a rename token, so she decided it was time for a new one. colorwhist was originally created to be a joint graphics community with gloominess and her awesome best friend superciliary, but, being the sincerely amazing person that she is, superciliary let gloominess adopt the community as her own. superciliary is a forgetful lucky duck who forgot that she has a rename token stashed away somewhere and can rename her graphics community dawnoflove any darn thing she wants.

So, gloominess, who enjoys speaking of herself in the third person, would like to welcome you!

The post that you are currently reading will serve as the AFFILIATING POST. If you/a penguin/an alien accomplice/whomever would like to affiliate with colorwhist, feel free to comment on this post with the name of your/a penguin's/an alien accomplice's/whomever's commuminty or journal name, and gloominess will add that to her list as soon as she feels like it.

A graphic post will come soon enough. Until then, this is Richard Nixon III, signing off.

-- gloominess

(Excuse any craziness. It's late. She's a bit loopy right now.)
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